You can entrust all the information about the company in our care, as we don’t joke in any way with data security. We do background checks on all employees upon hiring. In today’s uncertain age of terror networks and identify theft, and other internet vices, you will not find us opening up your data to overseas companies. Instead, our team of well-trained MS Access database programmers, data entry clerks, mail/document handling clerks, and administrative personnel work skillfully on your behalf under our direct oversight.

we maintain equipment redundancy and on and secure off-site backup of all data. We can host your data on our secure, redundant servers. We also utilize the services of a certified document destruction company to dispose of client source documents if required.

We offer MS Access consulting services, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), custom reports, queries, forms, data management, and compilation, financial modeling, data analysis, and custom visualizations. We are experienced in working with a wide variety of industries so we can quickly integrate our skills with your needs. Listening carefully to your needs is the first step in any procedure, so we get it right the first time. We are experts at knowing what will best fit your needs and we finish our projects to the last detail. Other MS Access services that we render include VBA Development and Office Automation, Access Database Development Formulas and Formatting, Data Analysis/Report Development, Charts, Graphs and Pivot Tables, Data Connections SQL, MS Excel, Form Development, Access Integration, HTML Forms.

We provide you with precise data entry from any format; either handwritten originals typed copy, or online sources or scanned images. We also integrate document scanning and business procedure outsourcing into your project if necessary. Among the many types of data entry services we perform are Law enforcement reports, Membership applications, Warranty cards, Registration cards, Vehicle validation, Mailing list development, and Professional certifications.

we offer Microsoft Access database programming services, which includes visual basic, VBA and SQL, for custom application development. We do anything from a turn-key business application to simply adjusting or improving existing procedures. We have a team of consultants that will work closely with you to review your requirements and arrive at an effective solution. We work with various data sources, ranging from SQL Server to MS Excel and native MS Access databases. Custom queries, forms, and macros, reports, or VBA depending on your needs.

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We are Singh Professional Services and what we are known for is bringing perfection to whatever it is that we do. Client’s trust and satisfaction is always our priority, and we work as hard as possible to stay in the best books of our clients, we don’t leave our clients disappointed in any way. We are always making prompt service delivery a serious business, and we give a perpetual 24/7 help and support to our clients, we don’t leave them worried in any way.

So, we are always here as a constant support system to keep you standing firm and not crumble in any way. We provide services to many of the leading multinational organizations, and financial stakeholders on a recurrent basis. Our league of professionals is dedicated, well trained, and with high ethical values; they possess diverse skills and experience in Data entry, Database programming, Data Security, and MS Access consulting. Our work environment is known for a conducive setting that has properly harmonized the different skills of professional, working together with no sense of contradiction, to bring about fantastic outputs. We are always working together to achieve a common goal. We at XYX are excellent people, this because excellence has always been our watchword in all that we do.

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